Music Composed
AND Conducted
by John Williams

2023: The Legend of
John Williams
2023: John Williams:
Three Singles
2022: John Williams
Live in Vienna 2022
2021: John Williams
The BERLIN Concert
2020: John Williams
Live in Vienna
2019: Anne-Sophie Mutter:
Across the Stars
2017: The Ultimate
2012: A Tribute to
2010: The Music
of America
2009: Film Night at
2008: Memoirs of a Geisha -
Suite for Cello
Soundtrack Collection
2008: Film Night at
2008: Film Night at
2007: New York
2007: Film Night at
2005: Star Wars -
The Corellian Edition
2003: Highlights from
Evening at Pops
2002: Live from Tanglewood
1999: Greatest Hits
1999: Signatures in Suspense
1999: Live from Tanglewood
1998: Hollwood Bowl Rehearsal
& Rare Tracks
1998: Live 1998
1996: The Royal Academy
1995: Live from the
Hollywood Bowl
1995: Filmworks
1995: The Classic
Spielberg Scores
1993: Live in Japan
1993: Film Works
1993: The STAR WARS Trilogy Anthology
1993: Celebration upon
John Williams' Retirement
1991: The Spielberg-Williams Collaboration
1990: The STAR WARS Trilogy
1987: Boston Pops:
By Request
1980: A Profile &
Boston Pops Debut
1980: Filmharmonic '80

Music Composed
BUT NOT Conducted
by John Williams

2021: Spotlight on
John Williams
2019: Celebrating John Williams
2018: A Life in Music
2017: Lights, Camera...Music!
2016: Across the Stars
2015: Schindler's List
2014: John Williams for Winds
2013: Angèle Dubeau
2010: Hable & Reichhardt
play Williams
2010: Wiener Philharmoniker
2010: Slovak Philharmonic:
2010: Slovak Philharmonic:
Star Wars
2009: Anja Bukovec:
2009: Vienna Horns:
Directors' Cut
2009: Alexandre da Costa:
Schindler's List
2009: Music from America
2009: American Spectrum
2008: Holiday Pops
2008: Dynamic Duo:
Sunday Live
2007: Lisbon Film Orchestra
2006: City of Prague:
Harry Potter
2006: US Marine
Chamber Orchestra
2004: City of Prague:
Star Wars Saga

Katherine Jenkins:
Hymn To The Fallen


12 Cellists:
As Time Goes By


Martin Stempel:
Nice To Be Around

2003: E.-Friedrich Lühl:
John Williams
2003: City of Prague:
40 Years of Film Music
2003: Les musiques des films
de Steven Spielberg
2002: Karen Kamensek:
Music from the USA
2002: Rachel Worby conducts
music by John Williams
2002: Erich Kunzel conducts
John Williams
1999: Keisuke Wakao plays
music of John Williams
1999: Kanagawa Philharmonic
Hollywood Symphonic Concert
1999: Frank Barber:
1999: Evil Genius Orchestra:
Cocktails in the Cantina
1999: City of Prague:
Close Encounters
1999: The Towering Inferno
and other Disaster Classics
1999: Great Composers
1999: Superman:
The Ultimate Collection
1999: Anthony Anderson:
Star Wars Highlights

Attila Fias:
Hollywood Love Songs

1998: Orie Suzuki:
Tokyo Concert
1997: tn_trotter1_jpg.gif (3329 Byte) The Trotter Trio:
Sketches on Star Wars
1997: The Skywalkers:
Star Wars Collection

John Williams (Guitar)
plays the movies


John Bayless:
The Movie Album

1995: Roy Budd:
Greatest Action Hits
1994: Music from the Films
of Harrison Ford
1993: William Motzing:
Giants of Cinema
1991: The Greatest Music of
John Williams
1985: Music from
Alfred Hitchcock Films

Erich Kunzel:
Time Warp

1983: Varujan Kojian:
The STAR WARS Trilogy
1983: Charles Gerhardt:
Return of the Jedi
1980: Charles Gerhardt:
The Empire Strikes Back
1979: Croad Terry
Grand Orchestra:
John Williams Works
1978: Zubin Mehta:
Star Wars/

Close Encounter
1977: Charles Gerhardt:
Close Encounters/

Star Wars
1977: John Rose, Organist:
Star Wars
1977: Star Wars and
A Stereo Space Odyssey
1976: Henry Mancini:
A Concert of Film Music

Music by Various Composers
Conducted by John Williams

2022: The Complete
Philips Recordings
2018: John Williams,
2002: Classic Perlman
1999: tn_serenade2a_jpg.jpg (1725 Byte) Cinema Serenade 2
1998: The Very Best of
JW and the Boston Pops
1998: Joshua Bell:
Gershwin Fantasy
1998: Boston Pops:
From Sousa to Spielberg
1997: Cinema Serenade
1997: The Hollwood Sound
1996: Boston Pops:
Salute To America
1996: Boston Pops:
Wish Upon A Star
1995: Boston Pops:
Pops Stoppers
1995: Boston Pops:
Space and Time
1994: Boston Pops: Music
For Stage And Screen
1994: Boston Pops:
1993: Boston Pops:
Night and Day
1993: Boston Pops:
1992: Boston Pops:
Over the Rainbow
1992: Boston Pops:
The Green Album
1992: Boston Pops:
Joy To The World
1991: Boston Pops:
The Very Best
1991: Boston Pops:
I Love A Parade
1990: Boston Pops:
Music of the Night
1990: Boston Pops:
Pops by Gershwin
1990: Boston Pops:
Pops a la Russe
1989: Boston Pops:
Salute to Hollywood
1989: Boston Pops:
Pops Britannia
1988: Boston Pops:
Digital Jukebox
1986: Boston Pops:
Holst - The Planets
1986: Boston Pops:
Bernstein by Boston
1985: Boston Pops:
America, The Dream
Goes On
1985: Boston Pops:
Pops in Love
1984: Boston Pops:
Peter and the Wolf (D)
1984: Boston Pops:
Peter and the Wolf (US)
1984: Boston Pops:
Peter and the Wolf (GB)
1984: Boston Pops:
Peter and the Wolf (NL)
1984: Boston Pops:
Peter and the Wolf (F)
1984: Boston Pops:
Peter and the Wolf (D)
1984: Boston Pops:
On Stage
1984: Jessye Norman:
With A Song In My Heart
1984: Boston Pops:
Swing Swing Swing
1983: Boston Pops:
Out of this World
1982: Boston Pops:
Pops Around The World
1982: Boston Pops:
Aisle Seat
1981: Boston Pops:
That's Entertainment
1981: Boston Pops:
Merry Christmas
1980: Boston Pops:
Pops in Space
1980: Boston Pops:
Pops on the March

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