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Leonard & Balkus

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Radio Broadcast (ABC Classic FM) Christina Leonard, saxophone
Format: CD-R Bernadette Balkus, piano
Total Playing Time: 45:00
Date: Aug 2, 2009 Recorded live at Eugene Goossens Hall
Cat. No. CO97-342 ABC Ultimo Center, Sydney, August 1, 2009

(Thanks to Miguel Andrade and Peio Gonzalez Areitio!)

1. John Williams (b. 1932): Escapades for alto saxophone and piano (2002) (13:58)
2. Perry Goldstein (b. 1952): Sonata for soprano saxophone and piano (2006) (21:38)
3. Kevin Puts (b. 1972): Air for alto saxophone and piano (2004, trans. Christina Leonard) (9:30)

Sound engineer: Christian Huff-Johnston
Producer: Owen Chambers

Artwork: Miguel Andrade