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John Williams and the Boston Pops

Polygram/Karussell 550 106-2 Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD-R (Thanks to Gábor Hochstein!) The Boston Pops Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 43:42
Date: March 16, 2004 Recorded at Symphony Hall, Boston
Cat. No. CO42-192 (1980 - 1983)

T H E  B O S T O N  P O P S   O R C H E S T R A

Track Listing

1. 2001 - A Space Odyssey (1:47)
   (Richard Strauss, Introduction from "Also sprach Zarathustra")

2. Superman: March (4:25)
   (John Williams)

3. Star Trek - The Motion Picture : Main Title (4:04)
   (Jerry Goldsmith)

4. Twilight Zone: Theme and Variations (3:37)
    (Marius Sonstant, arr. Stu Philips)

5. Alien: Closing Title (2:50)
    (Jerry Goldsmith)

6. Star Wars: Main Theme (05:36)
   (John Williams)

7. The Empire Strikes Back: Imperial March (03:05)
    (John Williams)

8. Return of the Jedi: Luke and Leia (04:25)
    (John Williams)

9. Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Suite (10:25)
    (John Williams)

10. E.T.: The Flying Theme (03:43)
    (John Williams)

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