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Sony Classical SK 46747 Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD-R (Thanks to Miguel Andrade!) Produced by Thomas Z. Shepard
Total Playing Time: 55:35 The Boston Pops Orchestra
Date: April 17, 2003
Cat. No. CO28-157 Recorded at Symphony Hall, Boston, 1990-1991

T H E  B O S T O N  P O P S   O R C H E S T R A

Track Listing

1. I Love A Parade (5:34)
   (Harold Arlen)

2. Midway March (4:09)
    (John Williams)

3. Washington Post March (2:36)
    (John Philip Sousa)

4. Seventy-Six Trombones (3:07)
    (Meredith Wilson)

5. El Capitan (2:26)
    (John Philip Sousa)

6. South Rampart Street Parade (5:18)
   (Steve Allen, Ray Bauduc, Robert Haggart)

7. Semper Fidelis (2:43)
    (John Philip Sousa)

8. Liberty Bell March (3:36)
    (John Philip Sousa)

9. Colonel Bogey March (3:00)
    (Kenneth J. Alford)

10. Strike Up the Band (2:44)
     (George Gershwin)

11. The Thunderer (2:44)
      (John Philip Sousa)

12. Hands Across the Sea (3:03)
     (John Philip Sousa)

13. King Cotton (2:47)
     (John Philip Sousa)

14. Pops On the March (4:51)
     (John Williams)

15. Under the Double Eagle (3:20)
     (Josef Franz Wagner)

16. Stars and Stripes Forever (3:31)
     (John Philip Sousa)

This album contains the only available recording of

The march was written as a memorial for Arthur Fiedler
when John Williams was named Fiedler's successor
as Music Director of the Boston Pops.