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Sony Classical SK 64147
Format: CD The Boston Pops Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 68:34 Conducted by John Williams
Date of Purchase: Jan 31, 1995
Cat. No. CO9-64 Recorded at Symphony Hall,Boston in 1990/91

T H E  B O S T O N  P O P S   O R C H E S T R A

Track Listing

Aaron Copland (1900-1990): THE RED PONY

1. Morning on the Ranch (4:41)
2. The Gift (4:58)

3. Dream March (2:30)
4. Circus March (1:55)
5. Walk to the Bunkhouse (2:49)
6. Grandfather's Tale (4:47)
7. Happy Ending (3:18)

John Williams: Suite from BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY

8.   I. Theme from "Born on the Fourth of July" (6:21)
9.   II. Cua Viet River, Vietnam 1968 (3:37)
10. III. Massapequa...The Early Days (4:06)
      Tim Morrison, Trumpet

Aaron Copland: QUIET CITY

11. Quiet City for Strings, Trumpet & English Horn (10:35)
     Tim Morrison, Trumpet
     Laurence Thorstenberg, English Horn

John Williams: THE REIVERS

12. The Reivers (18:42)
     Text by William Faulkner
     Narration adapted by Irving & Harriet Ravetch
     Burgess Meredith, Narrator