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Amateur Recording Music composed by John Williams
Format: CD-R Katrin Hable, viola
Total Playing Time: 9:19 Oliver Reichhardt, piano
Date: Jan 5, 2010

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Track Listing

1. "If We Were In Love" from Yes, Giorgio (2:34)
2. "Can You Read My Mind?" from Superman (2:04)
3. "Yoda's Theme" from The Empire Strikes Back (2:11)
4. "Fawkes the Phoenix" from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1:05)
5. "A Winter's Spell"" from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1:25)

Katrin Hable, viola
Oliver Reichhardt
, piano

It all started with the viola - Katrin Hable fulfilled my wish to hear melodies by John Williams on a solo instrument, and through her artistry she captured the essence and the beauty of these compositions. Then I wished for recordings of a solo piano, and this time Oliver Reichhardt obliged with warm and heartfelt renditions. The next step was Oliver's idea - why not combine the viola and piano recordings?

I'm grateful for a project that gives me so much pleasure (even though I'm unable to contribute anything at all). Thanks to my wife Katrin for indulging my hobby. Thanks to Oliver for being the talented mastermind behind these new recordings. Thanks to Miguel Andrade for his beautiful artwork. And thanks to the man who continues to enrich our lives with his beautiful music - John Williams.

Markus Hable, The JOHN WILLIAMS Collection

PS: This is the product of an internet friendship - Katrin from Leonberg, Oliver from Hamburg and Miguel from Portugal have never met.

(Artwork by Miguel Andrade)

© MH