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- Director's Cut -


ORF CD 490 Conducted by Alois Glaßner
Format: CD Arrangements by Alexander Wagendristel
Total Playing Time: 65:33
Date: March 30. 2010 Recorded at ORF Studio No. 2
Cat. No. CO109-369 in 2008/2009

incl. "Jurassic Park" by John Williams

Track Listing

1. Independence Day (David Arnold) (6:07)

2. Jurassic Park (John Williams) (3:35)

3. Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri) (3:10)

4. Out of Africa (John Barry) (4:28)

5. Pirates of the Caribbean (Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer) (6:53)

6. King's Row (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) (1:45)

7. Dancer in the Dark (Björk) (3:52)

8. Torn Curtain (Bernard Herrmann) (2:18)

9. Once Upon a Time in the West (Ennio Morricone) (8:38)

10. On Dangerous Ground (Bernard Herrmann) (2:31)

11. The Piano (Michael Nyman)

12. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle) (4:59)

13. Romeo and Juliet (Nino Rota) (3:51)

14. The Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein) (5:46)

15. One Day I'll Fly Away (from Moulin Rouge) (Joe Sample & Will Jennings) (3:22)

Vienna Horns
Thomas Jöbstl, Josef Reif, Markus Obmann,
Raphael Stöffelmayr, Gerhard Kulmer, Thomas Bieber,
Walter Reitbauer, Albert Heitzinger, Thomas Fischer,
Franz Obermüller, Franz Pickl

Patrick Prammer, Margit Schoberleitner,
Kevan Teherani, Lukas Schiske,
Benedikt Schmiedinger, Georg Hasibeder

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