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A Stereo Space Odyssey


Stereo Gold Award MER 433 Music Composed by John Williams et al.
Format: LP, CD-R Colin Frechter, Conductor
Total Playing Time: 44:06 Vernon Handley, Conductor
Date of Purchase: 1986 The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Cat. No. CO52-205

"Astounding Stereo Sound Dimension" (Sounds terrible...)

Track Listing

Side 1

Music from STAR WARS

1. Main Title (2:07)
2. Imperial Attack (4:06)
3. Princess Leia's Theme (5:10)
4. Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack (2:56)
5. The Lord (sic!) of the Sand People (3:17)
6. The Return Home (2:32)
7. End Title (3:43)

Conducted by Colin Frechter

Side 2

A Stereo Space Odyssey

1. Theme from 2001 (Richard Strauss) (4:21)
2. Mercury (Wilford Holcombe) (2:09)
3. Venus (Wilford Holcombe) (3:36)
4. Mars (Wilford Holcombe) (5:21)
5. Stellar Caprice (Tchaikovsky, arr. L. Muller) (4:43)

Conducted by Vernon Handley

Recorded under the direction of D.L. Muller
Sound Mixer: Dave Hunt
Cover Art: Mick Wells
Manufactured by Damont Records Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex