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John Williams'
Greatest Action Hits

A Tribute


Honest HON CD 0003 Composed by John Williams
Format: CD Conducted by Roy Budd
Total Playing Time: 56:30 The London Symphony Orchestra
Date: Dec 12, 2003 Concertmaster: Michael Davis
Cat. No. CO88-292 Recorded at CTS Studios London (June 1984)

London Symphony Orchestra

Track Listing

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark/Indiana Jones Suite (5:56)

2. E.T. Suite (11:28)

3. Superman (12:09)
     - March Of The Villains
     - Can You Read My Mind (Love Theme)
     - Main Theme

4. Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi (26:27)
     - Main Theme
     - Princess Leia's Theme
     - Imperial March
     - Yoda's Theme
     - Han Solo And The Princess
     - Parade Of The Ewoks

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