Vienna, Jan 18 2020

Wiener Musikverein
Wiener Philharmoniker
Guest: Anne-Sophie Mutter

Musikverein Wien

A fan.

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Flight to Neverland from Hook
Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone *
Theme from Sabrina *
Donnybrook Fair from Far and Away *
The Dance of the Witches from The Witches of Eastwick *
Adventures on Earth from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


Theme from Jurassic Park
Dartmoor, 1912 from War Horse
Out to Sea / The Shark Cage Fugue from Jaws
Marion’s Theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Rebellion is Reborn from The Last Jedi
Luke and Leia from Return of the Jedi
Star Wars Main Theme


Nice To Be Around from Cinderella Liberty *
The Duel from The Adventures of Tintin *
Remembrances from Schindler’s List *
The Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back

* Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin

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Download Concert Program: pdf

Deutsche Grammophon release of the concert on Aug 14, 2020:

Blu-ray + CD (Deluxe Edition)

Die Harry Potter im Goldenen Saal [pdf]

Musikfreunde: Der Alleskönner [pdf]

Wiener Zeitung Online: Sternstunden der Filmmusik [pdf]

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