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from HOOK (not used in the film)

Music by John Williams
Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse



Childhood (2:56)
Vocals by Demi Fragale
Amateur Recording



Shadows, memories, lingering laughter.
Reach out, touch me, half my life after.
Glimpses, moments, smiling inside me.
Spirits that guide me back to the days of childhood... childhood...

Echoes, whispers, I can still hear them.
Something makes me long to be near them.
Places, faces, dreams I'd forgotten.
Dreams that had gotten lost in the days of childhood... childhood...

Many memories come and go.
Where they come from, who can know?
Try remembering in your heart;
you will start to see the picture...
Picture childhood... summer and sunshine.
Take your memories, make every one shine.
Cherish childhood as every child should.
Gather the golden moments the way a care free child would.
And when the world's asleep,
childhood's the dream you'll dream, and keep!