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If We Were
In Love



Music by John Williams
Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman


If We Were In Love (4:16)
Performed by Luciano Pavarotti
from the Soundtrack Album


If We Were In Love

Could the skies be any bluer than they are?
Could our smiles be any warmer,
kiss be any sweeter, if we were in love?
And could we seem any closer to a star?
Could we feel more than we're feeling,
dream more than we're dreaming, if we were in love?

If we were in love, you'd think we'd know it.
when people are in love, they tend to show it.
Could the days fly any faster than they do?
Could I be more than I'm being,
see more than I'm seeing when I look at you?

Could the sun shine any brighter up above?
If the wonder of a kiss, is as wonderful as this,
just imagine how you'd love me,
how I'd love you,
if we were in love