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Silva Screen Raiders 001 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD Produced by John Williams
Total Playing Time: 73:35 Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
Date of Purchase: Oct 27, 1995 Director: Steven Spielberg
Cat. No. SC22 Academy Award Nomination

German Title: Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes


Track Listing

1. The Raiders March (2:50)
2. Main Title: South America, 1936* (4:10)
3. In the Idol's Temple** (5:26)
4. Flight from Peru (2:20)
5. Journey to Nepal* (2:11)
6. The Medallion* (2:55)
7. To Cairo (1:29)
8. The Basket Game** (5:04)
9. The Map Room: Dawn (3:52)
10. Reunion and The Dig Begins* (4:10)
11. The Well of Souls** (5:28)
12. Airplane Fight* (4:37)
13. Desert Chase** (8:15)
14. Marion's Theme (2:08)
15. The German Sub*/To the Nazi Hideout* (4:32)
16. Ark Trek* (1:33)
17. The Miracle of the Ark (6:05)
18. The Wharehouse* (0:56)
19. End Credits (5:20)

*Previously unreleased
**Contains previously unreleased material


Liner Notes

We had a wonderful time doing this; we recorded the film in London, Steven was there with George Lucas, Kathy Kennedy and Frank Marshall and I must say we had a lot of fun with it. It was a very pleasant working period. It was a moment almost of revelation about Harrison Ford because we had been through STAR WARS with him and he came out in this as someone who created a memorable American film character on a sort of Bogart level, something that really found its way into the cultural fabric of what we've got. I think that was pretty clear right away and that was thrilling to see because we liked Harrison and I think everybody still does. It's great to see a movie actor create something like that, it doesn't happen very often and we should celebrate it when it does. So I felt privileged to be around, to be part of the music when it was all happening.

John Williams


Not too long ago, in a country not so far away, adventurer archeologist Indiana Jones embarked on an historically significant search for the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Joining him on this supernatural treasure hunt was the London Symphony Orchestra under the baton of composer John Williams. Were it not for many crucial bursts of dramatic symphonic accompaniment, Indiana Jones would surely have perished in a forbidding temple in South America or in the oppressive silence of the great Sahara desert. Nevertheless, Jones did not perish but listened carefully to the RAIDERS score. Its sharp rhythms told him when to run. Its slicing strings told him when to duck. Its several integrated themes told adventurer Jones when to kiss the heroine or smash the enemy. All things considered, Jones listened...and lived. John Williams saves yet another life and gives our picture RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK a new, refreshing life of its own. Thanks, John.

Steven Spielberg, Director

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