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Bootleg Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD-R (Thanks to David Vincent!) Produced by Lionel Newman
Total Playing Time: 37:22 Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
Date: Aug 29, 2001 Director: Frank Perry
Cat. No. SC95

German Title: ?

Track Listing

1. Theme from Monsignor (03:24)  
2. Reunion in Italy (01:32) 
3. Forgotten Vows (04:10) 
4. The Meeting in Sicily (03:52) 
5. Audience with the Holy Father (03:40) 
6. Gloria (05:10) 
7. Monsignor (02:10) 
8. Appolini's Decision (03:12) 
9. Santoni's Confession (04:57) 
10. At the Forum (05:15) 

MONSIGNOR presented a wonderful opportunity to create a musical theme which would convey a sense of futility, sadness and great conflict that characterizes the relationship of Flaherty and Clara. The opening statement of this theme is first presented by the trumpet, here beautifully played by Maurice Murphy, the great principal trumpeter of the London Symphony Orchestra.

The theme of REUNION IN ITALY is used in the film as an atmospheric piece which accompanies Flaherty and Varese as they travel throughout Italy and Sicily. The GLORIA accompanies the great scene at the Vatican and features the Ambrosian Choir in the traditional Latin text used in the Gloria of the Mass.

These principal pieces of material form the basis of the score which reunited me with London Symphony Orchestra. After Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Dracula, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark, MONSIGNOR becomes my latest score, recorded with this great orchestra in a collaboration that I hope will continue for many years to come.

John Williams