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Bootleg Composed by John Williams
Format: CD-R (Thanks to Miguel Andrade!) Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Total Playing Time: 59:15
Date: June 30, 2004 Director: Robert Altman
Cat. No. SC212

German Title: Der lange Abschied

Track Listing

Opening Sequence
1. Hooray For Hollywood (Whiting) (0:24)
2. Marlowe (4:07)
3. Main Titles (3:05)
4. Feeding The Cat (2:39)
5. Tijuana (0:33)
6. Riley rehearsing at the bar (2:24)
     Jack Riley, piano and vocals
7. The Car Radio (0:34)
8. Mrs. Wade (1:52)
9. The Wades Door Bell (0:04)
10. Night Visitors (4:11)
     (Car Radio/At Marlowe's Apartment - "Can I Have A Coke?" - Leaving The Apartment)
11. Opening The Mail and Arriving at Octatoclan (1:58)
12. The Funeral Procession and The Beach Party (1:21)
13. Marty Singing (0:31)
     Mark Rydell, vocals
14. Running After Mrs. Wade (2:04)
15. Back in Octatoclan (2:35)
16. Going to Meet Terry (0:54)
17. The End (0:55)
18. End Titles: Hooray for Hollywood (Whiting) (1:28)

Original Soundtrack Recording features performances by

The Dave Grusin Trio
Jack Sheldon
Clydie King
Jack Riley
Morgan Ames’s Aluminium Band
The Tepoztlan Municipal Band

Bonus Tracks

19. The Long Goodbye (3:35)
      Performed by the Lou Donaldson Orchestra

20. The Long Goodbye (4:11)
      Arranged and conducted by Lanny Meyers

21. The Long Goodbye (live recording) (4:10)
     Arranged by John Williams
     Harry Connick Jr, vocals
     The Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by John Williams

22. The Long Goodbye (3:15)
     Arranged by Al Nicholls
     Performed by Sandra Lawrence and The Vendettas

23. The Longer Goodbye (inspired by “The Long Goodbye”) (12:00)
     Arranged by Al Nicholls
     Performed by Sandra Lawrence and The Vendettas