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Elektra 9 61293-2 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD Produced by John Williams
Total Playing Time: 64:18
Date of Purchase: Feb 13, 1992 Director: Oliver Stone
Cat. No. SC41 Academy Award Nomination

German Title: JFK - Tatort Dallas

Track Listing

1. Prologue * (4:00)
2. The Motorcade * (5:14)
3. Drummer's Salute (2:55)
    Performed by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
4. Theme from JFK * (2:23)
5. Eternal Father, Strong to Save (For Those in Peril on the Sea) (1:19)
   Music Conducted and Produced by John Williams
6. Garisson's Obsession * (2:33)
7. On the Sunny Side of the Street (4:23)
    Performed by Sidney Bechet
8. The Conspirators * (4:04)
9. The Death of David Ferrie * (2:47)
10. Maybe September (4:03)
     Performed by Tony Bennett
11. Garrison Family Theme * (2:14)
12. Ode to Buckwheat (3:54)
     Performed by Brent Lewis
13. El Watusi (2:41)
     Performed by Ray Barretto
14. The Witnesses * (2:46)
15. Concerto #2 for Horn and Orchestra, K. 417:1 Allegro Maestoso (6:29)
     Performed by Dale Clevenger, Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, Janos Rolla, Leader
16. Arlington * (6:29)
17. Finale * (3:14)
18. Theme from JFK (Reprise) * (2:23)

* Music Composed, Conducted and Produced by John Williams

From "Wikipedia":

Composer John Williams composed and conducted six musical sequences in full for JFK before he saw the entire film. Soon after recording this music, he traveled to New Orleans where Stone was still shooting the film and saw approximately an hour's worth of edited footage and some dailies. Williams remembers, "I thought his handling of Lee Harvey Oswald was particularly strong, and I understood some of the atmosphere of the film – the sordid elements, the underside of New Orleans". Stone cut the film to Williams' music after the composer had scored and recorded musical cues in addition to the initial six he had done prior to seeing the film. For the Motorcade sequence, Williams described the score he composed as "strongly kinetic music, music of interlocking rhythmic disciplines". The composer remembered the moment he learned of the assassination of Kennedy and it stuck with him for years. This was a significant factor in his deciding to work on the film. Williams said, "This is a very resonant subject for people of my generation, and that's why I welcomed the opportunity to participate in this film".

Dyer, Richard (1992-01-19). "Hook, JFK are latest hits with the John Williams touch". Boston Globe: pp. A5.