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MCA MCF 2716 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: LP Produced by John Williams
Date of Purchase: Sep 23, 1985 Director: Steven Spielberg
Cat. No. SC5 Academy Award

German Title: Der weiße Hai

Anniversary Collector's Edition

Track Listing

Side 1

1. Main Title (Theme from JAWS) (2:12)
2. Chrissie's Death (1:39)
3. Promenade (Tourists on the Menu) (2:45)
4. Out to Sea (2:25)
5. The Indianapolis Story (2:24)
6. Sea Attack Number One (5:24)

Side 2

7. One Barrel Chase (3:04)
8. Preparing the Cage (3:23)
9. Night Search (3:28)
10. The Underwater Siege (3:31)
11. Hand to Hand Combat (2:32)
12. End Title (Theme from JAWS) (2:17)


Liner Notes

In doing a score for Jaws, composer John Williams has outdone himself. The soundtrack is a stunning symphonic achievement and a great leap ahead in the revitalization of film music as a foreground component for the total motion picture experience. He has accomplished on Jaws what Korngold did for The Sea Hawk and Bernard Herrmann for Psycho. Simply, he has made our movie more adventurous, gripping and phobic than I ever thought possible. Right up there with Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and 7,000 pounds of hungry shark, John Williams' musical vision plays a leading role.

Unlike so many traditional composer/conductors, John is an artist of numerous styles. He is chameleon-like and vulnerable to the impulses of the film he is about to score. His music on Jaws is unlike any of his previous works, including The Reivers, The Cowboys, Jane Eyre, The Towering Inferno, Paper Chase, The Sugarland Express, Cinderella Liberty, Images and many others including two full symphonies, a symphony for winds, a flute concerto and more. These concert works have been performed by many major orchestras in the U.S. and abroad.

Being an insatiable collector of film music, I haven't been this happy with a soundtrack since Dimitri Tiomkin's The Guns of Navarone. What more can I say. The music fulfilled a vision we all shared.

Steven Spielberg, Director

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