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Polydor 821 592-1 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: LP Produced by John Williams & Bruce Botnick
Date of Purchase: Aug 21, 1984 Director: Steven Spielberg
Cat. No. SC29 Academy Award Nomination

German Title: Indiana Jones und der Tempel des Todes

Track Listing

1. Anything Goes (2:49)
    Written by Cole Porter
2. Fast Streets Of Shanghai (3:39)
3. Nocturnal Activities (5:53)
4. Short Round's Theme (2:27)
5. Childern In Chains (2:41)
6. Slalom On Mt. Humol (2:22)
7. The Temple Of Doom (2:58)
8. Bug Tunnel and Death Trap (3:28)
9. Slave Children's Crusade (3:22)
10. The Mine Car Chase (3:38)
11. Finale and End Credits (6:18)


Liner Note

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is as much a replica of as it is a departure from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Musically, all of the familiar marches are back, tracing the heroics of ace archeologist Dr. Indiana Jones from the turbulent streets and dark alleys of 1935 Shanghai to the sweltering jungles of uncharted India, at which point John Williams, the maestro of movie magic, and we, the audience, take an unexpected detour to the far side of fear and fantasy.

In this section of the adventure, all of the comforting themes vanish and we become lost in the inner sanctums of The Temple of Doom with a secret voodoo cult thought extinct for one hundred years. This sinister setting offers John leagues of musical opportunity, and he makes a feast of it in one of his best film scores ever.

In attempting a "further adventure" neither John Williams, George Lucas nor I wanted to retrace our steps. This is a shiny new story with heroines, sidekicks and villains you’ve never before seen. And John Williams composed new themes for each of them.

I am especially proud of John’s "Short Round’s Theme" and the nightmare choral chant in The Temple of Doom. These particular sections of the score could be the only music in the world effective enough to knock the hat off of Indiana Jones‘ head.

Steven Spielberg, Director