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Promotional Copy Composed and Conducted by Michael J. Lewis
Format: CD-R Song If We Were In Love by John Williams
Total Playing Time: 32:44
Date: Dec 7, 2000 Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
Cat. No. SC79

German Title: ?

This CD contains two scores by Michael J. Lewis: "Rose and the Jackal" and "Yes, Giorgio".
For the latter, John Williams composed the song If We Were In Love,
sung in the movie by Luciano Pavarotti.
A Boston Pops recording can be found here:

Track Listing

Tracks 01 - 17: "Rose and the Jackal"
Tracks 18 - 27: "Yes, Giorgio"

18. Overture (3:23)
19. Giorgio on the way to the airport (3:12)
20. Chasing her (3:16)
     (2:47 John Williams theme "If we were in love")
21. Preludio (1:16)
22. Playful (2:40)
23. Music for two (3:33)
     (0:41 John Williams "If you were in love",
      1:47 Michael J. Lewis "Yes, Giorgio" theme)
24. Fun in San Francisco (8:05)
     (7:18 John Williams theme)
25. Duet (1:32)
     (2:47 Lewis and Williams theme antiphonally)
26. Twosome (2:50)
     (1:00 Williams theme)
27. Finale (3:06)
     (Giacomo Puccini "Turandot")