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1 Song by Jimmy Darren Score Composed by Johnny Williams (unavailable)
Format: CD-R (Thanks to Jos Graumans!) Song NOT Composed by Johnny Williams
Total Playing Time: 2:29
Date: June 20, 2004 Director: Paul Wendkos

German Title: ?

Gidget (2:29)
(George David Weiss and Al Kasha)

Performed by Jimmy Darren
Conducted by Morris Stoloff

Music: Johnny Williams
Vocal Arrangements: Stu Phillips
Songs: "Gegetta," "Big Italian Moon"
Lyrics and Music (Songs) by: George David Weiss and Al Kasha

Williams had previously scored Because They're Young (also directed by Wendkos) and Diamond Head at Columbia, and had worked as an orchestrator on the first Gidget film. Here he follows the pattern of those two earlier films, creating a score around songs written by others.

Asked to remember something of the film two decades later, Williams responded, "Lots of accordions." While there certainly are, he makes nice use of the two songs, creating a great deal of music that would be equally well suited to an Italian travelogue. Gidget's various daydream sequences provide an opportunity for musical pastiche, including some Rózsa-like fanfares. And there is also plenty of source music, for teen dances, various restaurants, and even a fashion show.

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