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Revenge of the Sith
- Expanded Score -


Private Compilation Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: 2 CD-R (Thanks to Trenton Bennett!) Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 42:48, 51:08 and the London Voices
Date: March 17, 2006
Cat. No. SC255 Director: George Lucas

German Title: Die Rache der Sith

includes music from

  • The Original Soundtrack Release

  • Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees, Trials of Obi-Wan

  • Star Wars Battlefront II

  • DVD (US and German version)

CD 1

1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:20)
2. Main Title - The Battle Over Coruscant (7:22)*
    (Main Title / Boys Into Battle / They're Coming Around / Get 'Em, R-2!)
3. The Elevator Scene (2:56)*
4. Count Dooku's Entrance (0:49)
5. Grievous And The Droids (3:26)
6. Another Happy Landing (0:42)
7. Grievous Travels To Palpatine - Scenes And Dreams (6:29)
8. Council Meeting (3:28)
9. Palpatine's TV Set (1:35)
10. Goodbye, Old Friend - Going To Utapau (5:54)*
11. Obi-Wan Fights Droids (0:19)
12. Drawing Swords - Good Guys Arrive (1:35)
13. Palpatine's Seduction (2:30)
14. Rolling And Fighting With Grievous (2:12)
15. Dialogue With Mace (3:04)

CD 2

1. I Am The Senate (1:30)*
2. Palpatine Instructs Anakin (1:52)
3. Lament (4:23)
4. Escape - Swimming - Droids (1:02)*
5. News Of The Attack (1:24)
6. Anakin's Betrayal (9:04)
     (Moving Things Along / Anakin's Dark Deeds / It Can't Be)
7. A Moody Trip (0:57)
8. Padmé's Visit (0:27)
9. Heroes Collide - Yoda Falls - The Boys Continue (8:19)
10. Revenge Of The Sith (Film Version Edit) (2:39)
11. The Immolation Scene - Anakin Crawling (3:06)
12. Birth Of The Twins - Death Of Padmé (3:35)
13. Plans For The Twins (0:11)
14. A Home For The Twins - End Credits (Film Version) (8:52)
15. Revenge Of The Sith (Concert Version) (3:41)

*= contains unused music

Expanded Score compiled and edited by Trenton Bennett


Notes on the "Expanded Score" by Trenton Bennett:

This is an "expanded" rather than a "complete" edition of the score for Episode III. Here is what's missing:

1. We do not have a proper clean isolated segment of the war drums for the front channels.

2. We're missing about a good 35 seconds of "Get 'Em, R-2!" which is the last cue for the whole sequence "The Battle Over Coruscant". We have an unused portion of the cue thanks to "Battlefront 2".

3. We have nothing from the cue "The Death Of Dooku".

4. There is a tiny bit of music that remains unreleased for "Grievous Travles To Palpatine" ...it plays when Grievous is walking towards the holo-communicator to contact Sidious.

5. There is quite a bit of music missing from "Scenes and Dreams" that have not been released.

1: When Anakin is out on the balcany of Padmé's apartment and a small statement of either Shmi's or Anakin's theme comes into play here.
2: When Anakin is having a private meeting with Yoda there is a very tiny segement that was edited from the OST.

6. We do not have anything from the cue "Be Careful Of Your Friend".

7. As far as "Council Meeting" goes, there is about a minute of music still missing.

1: The music that plays when Yoda says he will go to Kashyyyk with the Clones to re-enforce the Wookiee army.
2: There's a bit of music that plays when it shows Obi-Wan and Anakin walking in the hall-ways of the Jedi Temple that remains unreleased.

8. We do not have the cue "Hold Me". This cue plays when Anakin and Padmé are talking about the war and when Padmé asks Anakin to ask Palpatine to stop the fighting and let diplomacy resume.

9. We only have the first minute of "Palptine's Big Pitch" (aka The story of Darth Plagueis) from the rear channels off the 2nd DVD of the movie. The cue should about 3:35 minutes long.

10. We have most of the cue "Good-bye Old Friend", including it's original opening which we know in the film was tracked with "Dialogue With Mace". The second half of this cue when Anakin and Padmé are talking about Anakin wanting more, some of it was over-dubbed with "Palpatine's TV Set" in the games. Also there is still about 5-6 seconds of music missing when it shows Anakin having that second day dream after Obi-Wan jumps into hyperspace in his starfighter.

11. We have most of the cue for "Fighting With Grievous" on the OST, however a small bit of music is still missing, particularly the opening part of this cue and the very ending of it after Obi-Wan kills Grievous with the blaster and tosses the blaster to the ground saying, "So uncivilized.".

12. We have probably about a good 5% of "I Am The Senate". We also have a good unused segement of Palpatine's theme that was cut in the film, however there is still a good chunk of this cue missing. The cue opens up as you hear it in the film and it should end after Sidious tells Lord Vader to rise after the two kill Mace Windu.

13. We have most of "Palpatine Instructs Anakin" on the OST. However there is one little bit that remains unreleased and it plays when Sidious tells Vader , "Do what must be done, Lord Vader." "Do not hesitate show no mercy." The ending of this cue we have on the OST.

14. We have most of "Bail's Escape" including an unused segement that was cut from the film. All though we are missing the opening sequence of this cue.

15. We have most of the cue "Swimming, Droids, Yoda Farewell" however the portion for "Yoda Farewell" remains unreleased.

16. We only have the second half of "Moving Things Along" that is on the OST. Battlefront 2 also features a very tiny bit of unreleased section for the second half and the film version mix. The opening of this cue plays when Anakin arrives at Padmé's apartment after the Order 66 sequence to see if she and the baby are okay and it should end before going into the tracked TPM music.

17. We only have about half of the cue "It Can't Be". I estimate the cue is about 4:50 long and there is still a bit of good music for it unreleased. We have only a small part of the begining. This cue begins when Obi-Wan and Yoda are in the Jedi Temple security room re-encoding the transmission warning all surviving Jedi to stay away from Coruscant. The cue ends when it shows Vader on the balcony of Mustafar looking out over the edge and crying.

18. We only have 26 seconds of the cue "Padmé's Visit". This cue begins when Vader sees Padmé's ship on a display screen coming in for a landing and it should end just as Vader force jumps backwards to fight Obi-Wan. The cue should be about 5:06 long.

19. We have most of "Heroes Collide" on the OST, however there is still a bit missing from it. Particularly when Yoda pays Emperor Palpatine a visit and there has not been a front channel leak for that portion of the cue at all. There is also a segement that plays when it cuts back to Vader and Obi-Wan fighting after Palpatine fries Yoda but this piece is in the game
"Battlefront 2".

20. We do not have the true film version release of "Duel Of Yoda and Sidious". They did a new recording for the choir and dubbed that over the "Duel Of The Fates" instrumental only version.

21. We have most of "The Boys Continue", however there are still 2 bars missing from this cue. This plays during the 3rd portion of the Obi-Wan and Vader fight when they fight on that bridge which collapses into the river of lava.

22. We do not have the cue "Yoda To Exile" which plays when it shows Yoda jumping into Bail's speeder and he says, "Into exile I must go." "Failed I have."

23. We do not have the true film version cue for "Revenge Of The Sith". Even though you can make your own version if by simply editing the "Battle Of The Heroes" concert suite but the real film version is definitely recorded differently.

24. We have a small ammount of "Anakin Crawling". I estimate this cue to be about 1:10 and we only have 39 seconds of it.

25. We have a good chunk of "Birth Of The Twins" on the OST however the opening of it along with a the rendition of Palpatine's Theme and a statement of Vader's theme at the end remains unreleased. This cue should play when we see Yoda meditate and it should end after we see Vader's helmet locked into place. Note: The rendition of "Palpatine's Theme" for this cue was cut in the film and the full version of it was tracked into "I Am The Senate". The same goes for the statement of Vader's theme.

26. We only have about 10 seconds for "Plans For The Twins". I estimate the cue is about 1:43 long. This cue plays when Obi-Wan, Bail and Yoda are discussing what they should do with the Twins and it ends when Bail tells Captain Antilles to take Threepio and R2, treat them well, clean them up and have Threepio's mind wiped.

27. We do not have any of the cue for "Padmé's Funeral". It is pretty sad that we do not have any of the cue since it is a very nice cue.

28. We have most of "A Home For The Twins" on the OST however there is a part edited out which plays the full statement of Leia's theme. You can do a good rear channel edit of the missing music from the DVD with barely noticable sound effects.

© MH