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- Expanded Edition -


La-La Land LLLCD 1517 (Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection) Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD Produced by John Williams
Total Playing Time: 78:55
Date of Purchase: Dec 30, 2019 Director: Mark Robson
Cat. No. SC468

German Title: Erdbeben

Track Listing

1 Main Title, EARTHQUAKE 2:52
2 Miles On Wheels 2:29
3 City Theme 2:57
4 Something For Rosa 3:18
5 Love Scene 2:19
6 The City Sleeps 2:34
7 Love Theme 2:27
8 Cory In Jeopardy 2:24
9 Something For Remy 3:49
10 Miles’ Pool Hall 2:12
11 Watching And Waiting / Sam’s Rescue 2:42
12 Finale, End Title 1:50

ALBUM / SINGLE TRACKS (With Sound Effects)
13 Main Title, Earthquake 2:57
14 Medley (Watching & Waiting / Miles’ Pool Hall / Sam’s Rescue) 3:47

15 Earthquake — Main Title 2:45
16 A Crack In The Dam 2:09
17 Lunch With Remy 1:56
18 Something For Rosa (Film Version) 3:00
19 Stewart And Denise (Love Scene) 2:28
20 Motordrome / Miles On Wheels 1:28
21 Jody’s Trophies / Sam’s Private Thoughts 1:57
22 Aftermath :56
23 Chair Lift / Cory In Jeopardy 2:46
24 Sam’s Rescue 2:32
25 Refugees And Looters 1:59
26 Jody Loses Control 1:28
27 Jammed Door And The Death Of Jody 1:41
28 The Tunnel 2:35
29 Washed Away 1:30
30 EARTHQUAKE – End Titles 2:18

31 Aftermath (Alternate) :53
32 Refugees And Looters (Alternate) 2:00
33 Earthquake — Main Title (Alternate Mix) 2:45


La-La Land Records, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Music, Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Music, Universal Studios, Universal Music Group and Geffen Records proudly present the DISASTER MOVIE SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION – MUSIC BY JOHN WILLIAMS, a thrilling, limited edition four disc box set containing the remastered and expanded original motion picture scores to the exciting feature films THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) and THE TOWERING INFERNO (1974), both produced by Irwin Allen, and EARTHQUAKE (1974), produced by Mark Robson and Filmakers Group, and all composed and conducted by Academy Award-Winning composer John Williams (JAWS, STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK).

Prior to the deep-water predator threat of JAWS and the outer space spectacle of STAR WARS in 1977, maestro John Williams lent his sizable talents to that decade’s first half by composing breathtaking scores to the ’70s’ most prominent and epic, star-studded, force-of-nature disaster spectacles, notably THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, THE TOWERING INFERNO and EARTHQUAKE. This spellbinding collection showcases Williams’ musical mastery in deluxe fashion, featuring improved sound over previously released editions, and in the case of THE TOWERING INFERNO and EARTHQUAKE, expanded with previously unreleased material. Produced, restored, mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino, this limited edition set is comprised of four discs, spread across three separate jewel cases (one jewel for each score) – all housed in an attractive slipcase. The exclusive, in-depth liner notes are by writers Jeff Bond (POSEIDON, INFERNO) and Jon Burlingame (EARTHQUAKE) and the thrilling art direction is by Jim Titus.

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE and THE TOWERING INFERNO scores are presented in association with the Irwin Allen estate. POSEIDON has been restored and meticulously remastered from original vault materials for improved sound over previous releases, and features a reordered program of the movie’s source music and songs, now including the hit Maureen McGovern single version of “The Morning After.” The 2-CD TOWERING INFERNO presentation is a major restoration project, sourced from 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. WEA and Allen estate materials, and is the most comprehensive and best-sounding representation of this amazing score to date. DISC 1 showcases the original score presentation, while DISC 2 features alternates, source music, and the first official CD release of the 1974 soundtrack album master.

The EARTHQUAKE score, sourced from Universal Music Group and Universal Pictures elements, features a fully remixed and remastered presentation of the 1974 soundtrack album recording, and – for the first time – the world premiere of the original film score recording.

This composer-approved collection is limited to 5000 units and is a must-have for all film music enthusiasts. These are legendary Williams scores, preserved and presented in a most worthy fashion.

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