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(Intrada Reissue: 2008)

Intrada Special Collection Volume 70 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD Reissue produced by Douglass Fake
Total Playing Time: 34:52
Date of Purchase: Sep 5, 2008 Director: Mark Rydell
Cat. No. SC306 Academy Award Nomination

An Unexpected Love Story

Track Listing

1. Wednesday Special (Main Title) (2:27)
   Vocal by Paul Williams
2. Nice To Be Around (2:52)
3. New Shooter (3:07)
4. Maggie Shoots Pool (3:55)
5. Maggie and Baggs (4:05)
6. Boxing Montage (3:01)
7. Nice To Be Around (2:39)
    Vocal by Paul Williams
8. Neptune’s Bar (2:23)
9. Cinderella Liberty Love Theme (3:57)
10. The Ferry Ride (1:47)
11. A Baby Boy Arrives (2:03)
12. Wednesday Special (End Title) (2:30)
      Vocal by Paul Williams

- CD world premiere of John Williams soundtrack
- Two Academy Award nominations: one for original score, one for song written in partnership with Paul Williams
- Introduction of Williams' signature of scoring for world-class instrumental soloists: here harmonica work of legendary Jean "Toots" Thielemans