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Sony Classical SK 89009 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD Produced by John Williams
Total Playing Time: 58:50
Date of Purchase: Jan 11, 2000 Director: Alan Parker
Cat. No. SC55 Academy Award Nomination

German Title: Die Asche meiner Mutter

Track Listing

1. Theme from Angela's Ashes (6:18)
2. My Story (2:19)
3. Angela's Prayer (4:47)
4. My Dad's Stories (1:55)
5. Lord, Why Do You Want The Wee Children? (4:03)
6. Plenty of Fish and Chips in Heaven (3:41)
7. The Dipsy Doodle - Performed by Nat Gonella & His Georgians (1:30)
8. The Lanes of Limerick (3:37)
9. Looking for Work (3:31)
10. Pennies from Heaven - Performed by Billie Holiday (2:11)
11. My Mother Begging (3:46)
12. If I Were in America (2:34)
13. Delivering Telegrams (2:23)
14. I Think of Theresa (1:50)
15. Angels Never Cough (2:38)
16. Watching the Eclipse (3:00)
17. Back to America (2:38)
18. Angela's Ashes Reprise (6:16)

Narration performed by Andrew Bennett

Cello: Steve Erdody
Harp: JoAnn Turovsky
Oboe: John Ellis
Piano: Randy Kerber
Concert Master: Endre Granat


Liner Notes

Before I finished filming "Angela’s Ashes", I received a message that John Williams had agreed to do the score. For a filmmaker, of course, this is akin to winning the lottery, and once I had a first cut of the film together, I nervously showed it to him. I have to say that however knowledgeable one is of maestro William’s massive talent, it’s still an extraordinary experience to watch him work. His sensitivity, wisdom, graciousness, and total, effortless control of the task of scoring for film is awe-inspiring. If I sound too gushing, I make no apologies; the man is brilliant.

Alan Parker, Director