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Alhambra A 8913 Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: CD Produced by John Williams
Total Playing Time: 38:07
Date of Purchase: Oct 20, 1990 Director: Steven Spielberg
Cat. No. SC17

German Title: 1941 - Wo bitte geht's nach Hollywood?

Track Listing

1. The March From "1941" (4:06)
2. The Invasion (8:17)
3. The Sentries (3:28)
4. Riot At The U.S.O* (1:16)
5. To Hollywood and Glory (3:12)
6. Swing, Swing, Swing (4:03)
7. The Battle Of Hollywood (5:37)
8. The Ferris Wheel Sequence** (1:28)
9. Finale (6:14)

* Traditional. Based on "The Rakes of Mallow" (arranged by John Williams)
** Including "By The Beautiful Sea" (Atteridge/Carroll)

Drums on "Swing Swing Swing": Louis Bellson
Clarinet on "Swing Swing Swing": Abe Most

Liner Notes

On his filmscore for JAWS, John Williams became half pirate, half shark. ON CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, he was part Star Child, part Super Nova. Finally, with "1941", John went half crazy and all gung-ho attempting to fit a score to a movie that tries to make World War II a Comedy Spectacular. Film humor is sticky business. In order for it to succeed, it must always have one foot firmly on the ground, no matter what colour sock the other foot is wearing.

"1941" is about a mix of characters whose reaction to the "Invasion of Hollywood" is at times so extreme that we wonder what on earth is keeping them from blasting into orbit. John's score is a major reason. It is so brazenly dramatic, so brimming with guts and glory, that if you hear the album before seeing the movie you'll probably wonder just how much comedy "1941" really has. We hope it's "Full of it". If you agree, it is due in large part to ninenty minutes of incredible music that underscores the most liberate reinterpretation of American History since BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID.

Steven Spielberg, Director