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Welcome to my website!

On this website I introduce you to my collection of OSCAR shows. I transferred my old VHs recordings to DVD-R and found that there were quite a few Annual Academy Award shows I had recorded over the years. Since I've always liked catalogueing things - and because I'm an incurable show-off - I started this website to present my collection on the internet.

For obvious reasons, let me state the following clearly:

This website is work in progress.

The sole purpose of this website is to showcase my private OSCAR collection. I neither buy nor sell VHS recordings, DVD-R copies, nor anything else.

If you wish to comment on my website, offer trades or make contributions of any kind, please use the e-mail address given above.

I hope you enjoy these pages. Thanks for reading!

Markus Hable

Markus Hable

* 1968

Leonberg, Germany

Oscar Nominations: 0

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