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The Original Radio Drama


National Public Radio (HBP 39086/49261) Directed by John Madden
Format: 7 CDs Sound Mixing and Post-Production by Tom Voegeli
Total Playing Time: approx. 6 h Radioplay by Brian Daley
Date: Dec 24, 2005 Characters and Situations by George Lucas
Cat. No. MI32-252 Music by John Williams

13 Episodes on 7 Compact Discs

Episode Titles

01 - A Wind to Shake the Stars
02 - Points of Origin
03 - Black Knight, White Princess And Pawns
04 - While Giants Mark Time
05 - Jedi That Was, Jedi To Be
06 - The Millenium Falcon Deal
07 - The Han Solo Solution
08 - Death Star's Transit
09 - Rogues, Rebels And Robots
10 - The Luke Skywalker Initiative
11 - The Jedi Nexus
12 - The Case for Rebellion
13 - Force and Counter Force

Let's face it: Most movies today struggle to fill their two hours with engaging scenes, and only that rarest of stories is rich enough of yield several hours of solid entertainment. But the Star Wars Trilogy even stripped of its landmark visuals and reformatted as a weekly radio show, retains its power and effectiveness. For this we can thank writer Brian Daley and sound engineer Tom Voegeli. Daley understands the power of thoughtfully crafted dialogue, especially when delivered with the proper conviction, and Voegeli is an absolute master at creating environments and telling stories with sounds. This "theater of the imagination" enhances the three films, rarely contradicting the established details and creating many wonderful new moments along the way. Before the events of Star Wars even begin to unfold, we are treated to a full hour that fleshes out the classic characters who form the backbone of this epic tale, and whose interplay makes almost 14 hours of impassioned voices ... into an adventure all its own.

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