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Radio Broadcast Host: Boyce Lancaster
Format: CD-R (Thanks to Miguel Andrade!) Mixed by Peter Bochan
Total Playing Time: 73:43 Distributed by WFMT Fine Arts Network
Date: Feb 13, 2003
Cat. No. MI1-140

ATTACK OF THE CLONES Soundtrack Special

Track Listing

1. Radio Show, Part I (27:18)
2. Radio Show, Part 2 (37:01)
3. "Across the Stars" (Dialogue/SFX Edit) (4:33)

4. George Lucas: Star Wars movies are carried by music like in silent films (0:47)
5. George Lucas: Why Episode II has a love theme (0:17)
6. George Lucas: The use of Asian percussion in the Episode II chase music (0:44)
7. George Lucas: Variations of "Across the Stars" used in Episode II (0:18)

8. John Williams: How Episode II is different from the other Star Wars films (0:16)
9. John Williams: "Across The Stars" is influenced by old Hollywood movies (2:39)
10. John Williams: Music from all Star Wars films is one body work (0:45)
11. John Williams: New and old Star Wars themes used in Episode II film score (0:51)
12. John Williams: The diversity of the entire body of Star Wars themes (1:53)
13. John Williams: How he decides what music goes on the soundtrack CD (0:44)
14. John Williams: First time he hears his Star Wars scores performed (0:36)