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Academy Awards 1978


Best Original Score:
John Williams

TV Broadcast, VHS Transfer John Williams, Close Encounters
Format: DVD Georges Delerue, Julia
Total Playing Time: 2:11 Maurice Jarre, Mohammed
Date: Dec 8, 2007 Marvin Hamlisch, The Spy Who Loved Me
Cat. No. 071 John Williams, STAR WARS

Download John Williams' acceptance speech here.

John Williams' acceptance speech:

"Thank you very much, George Lucas and Gary Kurtz, for the opportunity of composing a score for your marvellous film, and to Lionel Newman, Herb Spencer and the London Symphony Orchestra for a splendid performance and I think a great recording by Eric Tomlinson, and for myself, ladies and gentlemen, my warmest thanks for this very treasured award and marvellous moment. Thank you."

Olivia Newton-John, John Green and Henry Mancini
present the award for Best Original Score.

Olivia Newton-John announces the winner: John Williams for Star Wars

Henry Mancini congratulates the former piano player of many of his albums with a kiss.