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Director: Steven Spielberg

Music by John Williams

Region 1 DVD (Collector's Edition)

incl. the following Bonus Features:

Munich: The Mission, The Team

Munich: Memories of the Event
Explore and discover the impact of the real events in Munich
through documentary footage, film clips, BTS moments,
and all new interviews with cast and crew including Steven Spielberg

Munich: Portrait of an Era
The re-creation of the 70’s
with Production Designer Rick Carter and Costume Designer Joanna Johnston

Munich: The On-Set Experience
A moving and intricate exploration into the art and the politics involve with the making of Munich

Munich: The International Cast

Munich: Editing, Sound and Music
A discussion with Steven Spielberg and his collaborators,
Composer John Williams, Editor Michael Kahn and
Sound Designer Ben Burtt
on the final touches that are added to Munich with editing, music and sound.

(Thanks to Jos Graumans!)