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Filmharmonic 80

The 11th Festival
of Film and TV Music


TV Broadcast, VHS Transfer Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Format: DVD (Thanks to Miguel Andrade!) The National Philharmonic Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 14:00
Date: April 7, 2005 Saturday, October 18, 1980
Cat. No. 02/004 Royal Albert Hall, London

Programme: Click here           Audio Recording: Click here

1. Introducing John Williams (0:14)
2. Theme From Close Encounters of the Third Kind (2:11)
3. Cue from Jaws 2 (1:23)
4. Love Theme from Superman (2:59)
5. Cue from Dracula (3:15)
6. Swing, Swing, Swing from 1941 (4:03)

The National Philharmonic Orchestra
(Sidney Sax, leader)

"My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen - may I introduce you to a veritable giant
in the world of film music: Mr. John Williams."