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A Capitol Fourth
A John Williams Tribute


TV Broadcast Erich Kunzel and John Williams, Conductors
Format: DVD (Thanks to Joe Antonicelli!) National Symphony Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 20:00 Host: Barry Bostwick
Date: April 10, 2005 Washington, D.C.
Cat. No. 01/035 July 4, 2003

John Williams is the first recipient of the National Artistic Achievement Award.

Erich Kunzel conducts

The National Symphony Orchestra:
"A Tribute to John Williams" (Jaws, Raiders, ET, Superman, Harry Potter, Star Wars)

John Williams conducts

The National Symphony Orchestra and the United States Army Herald Trumpets:
"Olympic Fanfare and Theme"

Host Barry Bostwick

Erich Kunzel conducts...

...the National Symphony Orchestra...

...in Washington...

...in honor of John Williams.

Erich Kunzel: "Our hero! Our hero!"

Barry Botwick presents John Williams with the first
National Artistic Achievement Award.

Erich Kunzel asks John Williams to conduct the "Olympic Fanfare".