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- The Early Years -

Photo Gallery

Baby John

John Williams in 1940 at the age of 8.
(Photo from the Visitor Center at Tanglewood. Thanks to Benoit Bertrand!)

Cute John.

John Williams performs in a school play.

Early efforts at conducting.

John Williams...

...plays the piano...

...in a school band.

John Williams relaxing.

early_12.jpg (46330 Byte)
John Williams and his schoolmates.

John Williams as a teenager.

"You never seem to get a break,...

...do you?"

"Any interests besides playing the piano?"

John Williams working with a studio orchestra (late 1950's).

Here's a lesson for beginners:

The secret lies...

...in the index finger and thumb...

...of the right hand.

John Williams working with...

...his favourite tool - the piano.

John Williams at the piano on "Johnny Staccato" (1959).

André Previn and John Williams

Mahalia Jackson and John Williams

John Williams in the late 60's...

...or early 70's.


"And then there's this big spaceship..."

John Williams and his "unending source of inspiration".

Thanks to Eric McClellan and Miguel Andrade!
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