- The Early Years -

Photo Gallery:
The Early Years

1956-58: Jazz Beginnings


Russel Garcia:
The Johnny Ever Greens

1957: The John Towner Touch

1957: The John Williams Band
Plays the Music of Harold
Arlen("World On A String")

1957: Movie Memories
("Big Hits")


(with Marjorie Lee)

1957: Yvonne de Carlo sings

1957: Gershwin:
Porgy & Bess

1957: Elmer Bernstein:
Sweet Smell of Success

1957: Dave Pell:
The Big Small Bands

1957: Dave Pell:
The Old South Wails

1957: Dave Pell:
Lawrence Welk

1958: Henry Mancini:
Peter Gunn

1958: Henry Mancini:
More Music from Peter Gunn

1958: Henry Mancini:
The Jazz Sound
from Peter Gunn

1958: Johnny Desmond

1958: Jerry Fielding:
Fielding's Formula

1958: Jerry Fielding:
Hollywoodwind Jazztet

1958: Stanley Wilson:
Wagon Train

1958: Elmer Bernstein:
God's Little Acre

1959: Marty Paich and the
Jazz Piano Quartet

1959: Vicky Lane:
I Swing For You

1959: Adolph Deutsch:
Some Like It Hot

1959: Jerry Goldsmith:
City of Fear

1959: Henry Mancini:
The Mancini Touch

1959: Elmer Bernstein:

1960: Adolph Deutsch:
The Apartment

1960: Jerry Goldsmith:
Studs Lonigan

1960: Henry Mancini:
The Blues And The Beat

1960: Pam Garner:
Ballads For Broken Hearts

1960: Pete Candoli:
For Pete's Sake

1960: Valjean:
Theme From Ben Casey

1960: Shelly Manne:
Music From Checkmate

1960: James Darren
Sings Songs From His Films

1960: George Roberts:
Bottoms Up

1961: Vic Damone:
Young and Lively

1961: Henry Mancini:

1961: Johnny Williams:
Rhythm in Motion

1961: Frankie Laine:
Hell Bent For Leather

1961: Frankie Laine:
Deuces Wild

1961: Dimitri Tiomkin:
The Guns of Navarone

1962: Franz Waxman:
Hemingway's Adventures Of A Young Man

1962: Frankie Laine:
Call of the Wild

1962: Frankie Laine:

1962: Stanley Wilson:
Themes To Remember

1962: André Previn:
Young Hollywood Composers

1962: Mahalia Jackson:
Everytime I Feel The Spirit

1962: Mahalia Jackson:
I Believe

1962: Mahalia Jackson:
Songs of Love and Faith

1962: Mahalia Jackson:
Silent Night

1962: Pete & Conte Candoli:
There Is Nothing Like A Dame

1962: Shelly Manne (DVD):
Jazz Scene USA

1963: André Previn:
In Hollywood

1964: Shelly Manne:
My Fair Lady

1964: André Previn:

1965: Shelly Manne:
That's Gershwin!


The Swinger


Gershwin Revisited

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