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Compilation of Vinyl Recordings Music by John Williams
Format: CD-R (Thanks to Miguel Andrade)
Total Playing Time: 26:51
Date: Feb 13, 2003
Cat. No. CP13-135

Singles Compilation

Track Listing

Pete'n'Tillie (1972)
1. Love Theme (arr. Al Capps) (3:00)
2. Love's The Only Game in Town (arr. & conducted by Al Capps) (3:05)
     (Lyrics: Alan & Marylin Bergman)
     Performed by Walter Matthau

John Goldfarb Please Come Home (1965)
3. John Goldfarb Please Come Home (2:02)
     Performed by Shirley MacLaine

Vic Damone: Adult On A Star
(arr. & conducted by Johnny Williams)
4. Adult On A Star (2:50)
5. The Pleasure of her Company (3:15)

Return of the Jedi: Lapti Nek Single Remix (1983)
6. Side 1 Remix (5:36)
7. Side 2 Remix (7:03)