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Henry Mancini



RCA APL1-1379 Various Composers
Format: CD-R (Thanks to GŁnther Gerlach!) The London Symphony Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 39:35 Conducted by Henry Mancini
Date: June 23, 2009
Cat. No. CO99-344 Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

incl. The Disaster Movie Suite by John Williams

Track Listing

1. Music by Nino Rota (9:10)
   - Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"
   - Drink More Milk
   - Love Theme from "La Strada"
   - Amarcord
   - Love Theme from "The Godfather"

2. The White Dawn (11:30)
   - Seal Hunt
   - Lovers
   - Horn Pipe
   - Theme from "The White Dawn"
   - Arctic Whale Hunt

3. The Disaster Movie Suite (8:14)
   - "Earthquake" (Main Title)
   - "Towering Inferno" (Main Title)
   - Theme from "Jaws"

4.  The French Collection (9:24)
   - The Windmills of Your Mind
   - A Man and a Woman
   - Theme from "Love Story"
   - Theme from "Summer of '42"

5. The Great Waldo Pepper March (2:26)

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