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Essay for Strings

Trumpet Concerto

Denouement Records DR 1003 Composed by Kevin Kaska and John Williams
Format: CD Conducted by Ronald Feldman
Total Playing Time: 70:30 London Symphony Orchestra
Date: Sep 23, 2002 Produced by Kevin Kaska and Cliff Schorer
Cat. No. CP9-117 Recorded Sep 2-4, 1999 in London

World Premiere Recording

Track Listing


1. A Long Way (13:53)
(Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra)

Cliff Schorer, text
Kristine Jepson, mezzo-soprano

Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
2. Andante tranquillo (9:04)
3. Lento con espressivo (for Salzedo) (7:30)
4. Energico (8:44)

Ann Hobson Pilot, harp


5. Essay for Strings (10:39)
   (written in 1965)

Trumpet Concerto
   (written in 1996 for Michael Sachs,
    the Cleveland Orchestra's principal trumpeteer)

6. Maestoso (7:08)
7. Slowly (7:22)
8. Allegro decisio (5:47)

Arturo Sandoval, trumpet

Recorded at Abbey Road Studio No. 1, St. John's Wood, London

John Williams and Kevin Kaska

Kevin Kaska, John Williams, Ann Hobson Pilot, Ronald Feldman
Tanglewood, August 1999

Cliff Schorer, Ronald Feldman, John Williams, Kevin Kaska, Ann Hobson Pilot