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Varese Sarabande VSD-5345 The London Symphony Orchestra
Format: CD Conducted by Leonard Slatkin
Violin Concerto - 32:27, Flute Concerto - 13:33 Flute Soloist: Peter Lloyd
Date of Purchase: May 24, 1992 Recorded in London in 1981
Cat. No. CP1-67 Produced by George Korngold

T H E  L O N D O N  S Y M P H O N Y  O R C H E S T R A

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (13:33)

Liner Notes

I wrote my flute concerto in 1969. The concerto was "inspired" by some demonstrations of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute that I had heard at that time. I was so impressed by the music of this instrument that I wanted to try to create something for the conventional modern flute that would reflect the atmosphere evoked by the Shakuhachi flutists. I wanted the solo part to sound "improvised" and decided to make the flute the only wind instrument employed in the piece. The accompaniment is provided by strings, percussion, piano, celeste and harps as they make mysterious sounds like the snapping of branches while we explore some imaginary mythical forest.

John Williams