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Frank Forst, bassoon


Live Recording Frank Forst, bassoon
Format: CD-R California Youth Symphony
Total Playing Time: 26:41 Conducted by Leo Eylar
Date: March 27, 2010 Recorded at the Flint Center,
Cat. No. CP48-367 Cupertino, CA, on March 8, 2009

(Thanks to Miguel Andrade and Peio Gonzalez Areitio!)

Track Listing

The Five Sacred Trees (26:41)

    I. Eo Mugna
    II. Tortan
    III. Eo Rossa
    IV. Craeb Uisnig
    V. Dathi

  • Frank Forst was born in 1969 in Aalen and began his first bassoon lessons there at the age of eleven.

  • One year later he began to have private lessons with Gerhard Hase in Stuttgart until 1989; during this time he won the first prize in the competition `Jugend musiziert´ in 1987.

  • In 1989 to 1992 he studied at the Academy of Music in Hannover with Prof. Klaus Thunemann.

  • In 1991 Frank Forst won a prize in the international music competition `Prager Frühling´.

  • In the national selections of `Concerts for Young Artists´ he received a sponsorship with a recording contract from the ´German Music Competition`.

  • From 1990 to 1992 he was a member of the German Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • In 1992 he was the lead bassoonist in the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and from 1997 he played regularly as a soloist with the Camerata Salzburg.

  • In 1996 he taught part-time at the Academy of Music `Hanns Eisler in Berlin as the assistant of Prof. Klaus Thunemann and in 2002 he had his own class at The LISZT SCHOOL of Music Weimar; in 2003 he was awarded the title of Professor there.

  • Frank Forst has appeared as a soloist with many orchestras including the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Camerata Salzburg, the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Philharmonic Rheinland-Pfalz, the North West German Philharmonic and the New Berlin Chamber Orchestra.

  • He is a member of the Solisten-Ensembles Berlin.

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